We are changing the way consumers access stuff. Forever.

Our system is changing models of manufacturing and delivery as we know them and giving priority to local creation, putting an end to stock waste and delivery lag time, and providing consumers with more control and choice.

Local creation

The national infrastructure we are building makes creation of the personalised stuff that consumers need, possible at a local level.

The current culture of importing and moving products from everywhere and anywhere is unsustainable. Unsustainable for the environment and unsustainable for local economies.

We believe that making locally is the way to have a more prosperous and better planet so we’re creating micro factories, with a “5-mile connection” that do the making while you (barely) wait. It’s better for you and your local community.

We make sure that no community is isolated from the stuff they need because of their postcode. By giving the power back to ‘local’, we’re making sure that every citizen is only an arm’s-length away from the items they need.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

We are making a change that will eradicate waste.
For everyone…

Stockpiling and warehousing are undesirable business models that, by nature, are riddled with inefficiencies. This combined with the rising pressure on businesses from consumers to behave more sustainably, and reduce environmental impact while still providing immediacy, presents something of a paradox which the global production and distribution system we have in place cannot reconcile. ​

SA Systems empowers local communities to create whatever their population needs, whenever they need it. Because our network creates stuff locally and on demand, it massively reduces stock waste, saves a huge amount on delivery time and cost, and cuts out packaging completely. ​

So that’s no delivery waste, no packaging waste, no time waste.

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Control and choice


We are giving consumers the choice to have their stuff made where they are, right under their nose​…

In today’s consumption economy, ease and speed of access are no longer enough. Consumers want to have access to tools that enable them to have what they want when and where they want it, without having to ask for help.

With our plan to create a network of micro-factories no more than five miles from anyone in the UK, we’re giving that control back at a time and location convenient to you. In a matter of minutes, consumers can create personalised stuff at a location and time that’s critical to them. We can do away with the hassle and inconvenience of lost or forgotten items and instead become the creators. ​

Our process is secure, we remove the need for your stuff to be handled by dozens of people as it makes its way from a factory far away.

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