Card Hub

CardHub is the fastest, new way to issue physical cards to customers.

Our smart hubs print biodegradable bank cards on demand, open 24/7 at convenient locations.

Each year billions of people order a new or replacement bank card that they need right away. These cards need to be personalised and securely delivered to them.

The current solution is inefficient for both consumers and banks – billions of days are wasted waiting, billions is spent by banks on postage and billions is lost through missed card revenue and card fraud.

CardHub recycles old cards, puts an end to the 2.3 billion UK miles travelled to deliver new and replacement ones each year and saves on the £109 million annual UK cost of lost, stolen and postal card fraud. Four years in your wallet to over 1,000 years in landfill makes no sense: at SA Systems, we are closing the loop on plastic cards.


92 seconds instead of 5 to 10 working days

Mobile first consumer touchpoint

APIs available for fast integration


Two-step authentication through app

Card non-receipt fraud eliminated

Card stock kept blank and no data held on machines


Used plastic cards are securely recycled through the machine

Zero packaging used

50% reduction in delivery miles and plastic waste

Consumer Views

Insurance Documentation

We work with one of the world’s largest insurers to create a network of self-service hubs that provide last minute insurance and mandatory insurance services at government visa centres when travellers need it most.

– Instant provision of insurance certificates for government agencies
– Present at 8 international airports



Our rapid transit booking solution can be found in major airports and shopping centres in the UK.

– Secure and scalable network
– 200 customers per hour capacity per installation